CSRI Research Student Investigates Blockchain Solutions at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana

A PhD Student of the Crime and Security Research Institute (CSRI) undertakes a research placement at the prestigious University of Notre Dame (UND) in Indiana, USA.

Commencing on the 26th August, Iain Barclay will take up a six week position as a Research Associate in the Center for Research Computing working under Professor Jaroslaw Nabryzski.

Continuing his PhD research into transparency and accountability in data systems, Iain will utilise the expertise of UND researchers on blockchain solutions. His research will look at the data supply chain, in particular exploring how decentralised identifiers and verifiable credentials can be used to provide assurance on entities contributing to AI systems.

The visit follows on from the guest lecture delivered by Professor Alun Preece at the UND last year and arose through Iain’s PhD Supervisor Professor Ian Taylor, who holds a research professorship at the UND alongside his position at Cardiff University.

The Center for Research Computing is a fantastic institution with strong expertise in the field. I’m especially grateful to Professor Preece, and my family, in supporting me to take up this exciting opportunity. The visit will no doubt provide me with new knowledge and skills that can be transferred back into the Crime and Security Research Institute.
— CSRI Research Student, Iain Barclay

If you would like to find out more about Iain’s work on tracking data usage, read his paper “Towards Traceability in Data Ecosystems using a Bill of Materials Model”.