150 Researchers From the DAIS ITA Programme Gather for Annual Bootcamp, New York

This week, 15 members of the Cardiff DAIS team are in New York for the programme’s annual “Bootcamp” meeting. Gathering together around 150 researchers from the 15 DAIS UK and USA partners, the goal of the Bootcamp meeting is to progress the collaborative scientific research with input from subject-matter experts from the government partners. 

For the Cardiff team, the main objectives of the week are to make advances in our understanding of the evolution of human groups, to explore ways of combining artificial intelligence and machine learning approaches for situational understanding, and to investigate processes of memory and reinforcement learning in our “distributed brain” system. 

The Bootcamp is the one time each year where the whole DAIS community comes together to ‘sync-up’ and move the collaboration forward.
— Professor Alun Preece, UK Academic Lead

“Meeting face-to-face with our international colleagues at Bootcamp enables us to accelerate progress in the DAIS scientific programme.” - Dr Federico Cerutti, Cardiff Co-Principal Investigator

“Bootcamp is a great opportunity to meet the PhD students from all the DAIS university partners from the UK and US and learn from each other’s experiences.” - Laura D'Arcy, PhD Student