AAAI Fall Symposium on Artificial Intelligence in Government and Public Sector (Arlington VA, USA): Call for Submissions

CSRI Co-director Prof Alun Preece is co-organising an Autumn symposium on Artificial Intelligence in Government and Public Sector, in Arlington, USA, between October 18-20 2018, sponsored by the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI). The AAAI is a non-profit scientific society which aims to share insights and best practices on how government and the public sector can benefit from current advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.


The call for submissions asks: "AI in government and the public sector faces unique challenges and opportunities. These systems will be held to a higher standard since they are supposed to operate for the public good. They face increased scrutiny for transparency, fairness, explainability, and operation without unintended consequences. Governments provide critical services and are expected to be the provider of last resort, sometimes backstopping the commercial sector. How can the development, deployment, and use of these systems be managed and proactively monitored to ensure they meet these requirements by design and in practice?”

Prof Preece is the UK Academic Lead for the DAIS ITA programme [] which is researching techniques to make AI systems more transparent in security, defence, and public safety applications. 

Submissions to the symposium are welcome. Details are on the AAAI website: