Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence, Montréal

CSRI Co-Director Professor Alun Preece was recently in Montréal, Canada, speaking at the International Conference on Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence. The event marks the 30th Anniversary of CENPARMI, the Centre for Pattern Recognition and Machine Intelligence of Concordia University.


Prof Preece presented a paper on ‘Integrating Learning and Reasoning Services for Explainable Information Fusion’ as part of the Machine learning and Deep Networks session, alongside PhD researcher Dan Harborne.

Pattern Recognition Montreal.png

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies are increasingly being used to assist humans with situational understanding in front-line operations. To be robust and trustable, AI/ML systems need to employ a diverse set of techniques, and to be able to offer explanations for their outputs. The paper shows how multiple AI/ML methods and explanation methods can be applied to an example situational understanding in the domain of traffic monitoring.

This work is part of the trans-Atlantic DAIS ITA project, for which Prof Preece is the UK Academic lead.